Washington, DC

We focused on Venable's dynamic culture to inform the design. Clear glass walls, open interior staircases, and flexible workspaces reflect the culture of collaboration, teamwork, and open communication between staff and attorneys. To capture their focus on employee wellness, there are treadmill desks in designated open areas, and each and every employee has an adaptable workstation that includes a motorized standing desk. There is also an onsite, state-of-the-art fitness center and a healthy-choice café to provide nutritional options. The rooftop terrace boasts a bocce court for Venable to continue its tradition of friendly-albeit highly competitive-tournaments, fostering the spirit of community.

Golden Belt

Durham, NC

Alliance is proud to be working with developers, artists, and innovators to transform the abandoned, 100-year-old, tobacco textile factory, situated in a residential neighborhood in East Durham, into a creative campus for the community. With the help of our friends at LRC Properties and Breadtruck Films, we will be bringing you videos throughout the transformation process.


Bridgewater, NJ

The design of Insmed's new headquarters in Bridgewater, NJ is driven by the idea of making the patients, who will be the beneficiaries of Insmed's orphan drugs, evident to staff and visitors. The space serves as a reminder that the reason for the company’s existence is to help those suffering from rare pulmonary diseases to lead better lives. To that end, the facility includes a curated path of discovery that winds throughout all three floors of the stand-alone building, featuring over a dozen moments of learning. Those key points of experience provide insight into the organization's culture and purpose, which reveals the lives of those who’s health is dramatically improved by virtue of Insmed's pharmaceuticals.

Under Armour

various locations

Under Armour retained Alliance Architecture in the summer of 2008 to provide design leadership for temporary expansion space to supplement its existing HQ. Due to the successful collaboration, Alliance has since completed over 500,000 SF of work for UA:
  • Amsterdam
  • Baltimore
  • Chicago
  • Columbia
  • Houston
  • Manchester
  • Pittsburgh
  • Toronto


Raleigh, NC

What was once over 187,000 square feet of abandoned steel fabrication warehouse is now a stunning example of the new-generation tech workspace. Citrix wanted an environment that stimulated creative thought, productivity and collaboration amongst employees. Along with strategically preserving and repurposing original materials and manufacturing gear, Alliance filled the building with green features, including automated window shades, LED lighting and a 55-foot, two-story "living wall" suspended from a repurposed crane. The project is a true hat trick of redevelopment - catalyzing a neighborhood, a building, and a work environment. Perhaps the crowning achievement for the developer was the project selling before completion for a record value per square foot.

Prospect Bay Residence

Prospect Bay, MD

When the Jessen's envisioned the house they planned to retire in the priority of the home was to create ample space for entertaining and their family and guests to stay whenever they want. The unique site offered opportunity for panoramic views sloping slightly down towards the bay. The home was then split into two volumes--one for are for sleeping and another for entertaining, all with equal visual access to the bay. With the forest to the east and lake to the west, the home is oriented to maximize natural daylight in different areas as the sun moves throughout the day.  The homeowner can have the morning sun from the master bedroom, and as the day goes on, enjoy the sunset from living dining spaces.  The large entertaining volumes were tilted up further emphasizing the view corridors to the bay with large operable glass windows. The project materials and furnishings draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape with muted earth tones and large plank wood flooring throughout the entertaining volume.