various locations


In 2017 when Cooley enlisted Alliance Architecture with helping to bring their vision of “the law firm of the future” to life, it was the beginning of a close partnership that led to the flagship project that would become the paradigm for what would ultimately be 9 new locations around the globe. Four key design tenets would serve as the foundation of what would become the future “design playbook”: adaptability, interaction and collision, visitor experience, and wellness support. The future for Cooley was creating offices that was reflective of Cooley’s brand, clients and aspirations with little regard for benchmarking against other law firms. While each office follows the principles set by the playbook and embodies the Cooley brand, each carries its own unique design language set by the local stakeholders and culture.  Cooley’s New York became the first of the new global brand flagships located at 55 Hudson Yards. The space incorporates large atrium-like slab opening creating a 2-story reception, conferencing and café spaces that serves as the central hub of the five-story stack. From NY, the Cooley enthusiastically pushed this paradigm across the global from London, Brussels, Singapore, San Francisco, and Chicago.