Prospect Bay Residence

Prospect Bay, MD


When the Jessen’s envisioned the house they planned to retire in the priority of the home was to create ample space for entertaining and their family and guests to stay whenever they want. The unique site offered opportunity for panoramic views sloping slightly down towards the bay. The home was then split into two volumes–one for are for sleeping and another for entertaining, all with equal visual access to the bay. With the forest to the east and lake to the west, the home is oriented to maximize natural daylight in different areas as the sun moves throughout the day.  The homeowner can have the morning sun from the master bedroom, and as the day goes on, enjoy the sunset from living dining spaces.  The large entertaining volumes were tilted up further emphasizing the view corridors to the bay with large operable glass windows. The project materials and furnishings draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape with muted earth tones and large plank wood flooring throughout the entertaining volume.