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Taking a Step Outside the Laboratory

How Lab Culture is Being Redefined

Employees of all industries should have the opportunity to experience  in the workplace.
Typically siloed at their workstations with limited team interaction, lab techs are starting to observe how the workplace has shifted in other industries, and they want in.

Employees thrive when given the opportunity to immerse themselves in collaboration with team members and connection to the local community. This is why a downtown or campus environment plus strategic, workplace design has become the home-run formula for Alliance Architecture's projects in industries ranging from software to law to AgTech. Pairwise Plants, an agriculture company revolutionizing crop production, teamed with Alliance when dreaming of a multi-functional office space in East Durham’s Golden Belt campus. They sought an environment similar to a startup where staff and researchers alike could not only leave their respective work zones to interact in a centralized common area but step out into a vibrant community. The blend of interactions experienced increases creative thinking leading to new, innovative ideas. Pairwise's goal was achieved though a break area with a full kitchen and meeting rooms on the first floor easily accessible to all employees. Furthermore, their neighboring tenants are a fun mix of artists, brewers, coders, and solar engineers providing them with a diverse campus community. (Tenants include Hi-Wire Brewing, Strata Solar, WillowTree, and artist studios.)

To view stunning photography of Pairwise Plants, the Golden Belt campus, and similar mixed-used / commercial workplace projects by Alliance, click on the photos below.

“Durham itself is home to a mix of education, science, and art which makes it a great place to build a company. We’re excited to establish our presence in a city, and state, that thrives on its diversity of growth opportunities.”
–  Haven Baker, Chief Business Officer at Pairwise Plants