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 Zaloni partnered with Alliance Architecture in 2018 to design a new HQ at The Frontier in Durham, North Carolina that ignites team collaboration and embodies the Zaloni brand. The team envisioned a cool space employees are proud of and desire to work in day-to-day as they transform client experience in the Enterprise Data Management industry.

In addition to delivering a sleek workplace design that surpassed the team's original vision, Alliance integrated technology solutions that create a smooth workflow between remote employees, national and international clients, and additional office locations. Zaloni's footprint expands globally with offices in Guwahati, India and Dubai, UAE.

Pictured below with Zaloni's CEO, Susan Cook, and CPO & Co-Founder, Ben Sharma, is the rockstar team located in Guwahati.
Image provided by Zaloni's CPO & Co-Founder, Ben Sharma.
For images of Zaloni's headquarters located at The Frontier in Durham, North Carolina, see below.