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Apex, NC 30,000 2022

Oppidan development at 209 N. Salem Street (The Highline Building) breathes new life into the center of historic downtown Apex, North Carolina while fitting in with the area’s existing character and charm.
The three-story building makes use of maximum horizontal elevation. The street-level is set back to allow for seating, engagement, but filled a crucial gap in buildings, that created connection between with the extension of small businesses to the north of Saunders St. It also offers multiple balconies and a rooftop patio designed for upper-level office tenants to connect with the energy of downtown.
In addition to creating multiple opportunities for community members to engage with the building and for tenants to engage with the community, the building also incorporates historical elements into its function and design. Utilizing an L-shape recess allows the building to wrap around an existing September 11 memorial on the street corner. Alliance Architecture incorporated historical details of this corner of downtown Apex downtown now bustling with work and play

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